Information on 'non-medically' trained staff

Recently, we have had numerous inquiries regarding the W5 series on 'non-medically' trained staff performing laser services, and the inherent risks involved. We would like to acknowledge that the Medical Spa Industry IS de-regulated, as mentioned on W5. This means ANYONE can operate a laser with the one day training that is 'industry standard' when you purchase a laser system from the manufacturer.

Vanishings does not believe this is sufficient training when you are dealing with people's skin and bodies! Therefore, we have established and customized training programs that exceeds the industry standards. We do not allow new technicians to perform services until they have completed rigorous laser theory and hands on training and evaluations, which can take up to 3 months to complete.

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"I have been a trainer with Cutera Laser Systems since 2005. I have traveled extensively throughout Canada; Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Victoria, training physicians, nurses, and estheticians on laser modalities including hair removal, pigmentation treatments, spider vein treatments, laser skin tightening, Laser Genesis, and Pearl, the ablative resurfacing treatment. In my experience, I have not encountered a better prepared staff than the team at Vanishings. Their in-house orientation and training program gives them the ability to treat patients with confidence. You can be assured of an effective and safe treatment from a Vanishings laser technician."

Mary Boaglio, LPN, LE, ASLMS - Cutera Trainer

"I had two treatments of photorejuvenation and could not be happier. I had many spider veins and sun damage on my face so consequently I always wore facial makeup. I hated wearing makeup, but I hated the thought of people seeing my ugly spider veins more. Now I barely wear any makeup at all, my face feels fresh all day and of course, I feel wonderful about the results. I encourage anyone who suffers from these facial issues to give this a try and have been telling all my friends and family about it."

46 year old female, Dawson Creek, BC

"Over the past 5 years I have endeavored to improve certain aspects of my facial appearance. I first had 6 porcelain veneers done by Concept Dental Centre which was a great improvement. Two years ago I dealt with my facial hair problem with laser hair removal at Vanishings which I am very thankful for as it has reduced my unwanted hair by 90%. I have nearly completed the last of my Fotofacials and am extremely pleased with the results. It has removed unsightly veins from my cheeks and nose, softened the lines on my face and given me an overall fresh and youthful appearance. THANK YOU VANISHINGS!"

60 year old female

"Service and treatment at Vanishings can only be described as friendly, courteous, effective and highly professional. And, I might add, all this is done at a very reasonable cost."

59 year old male, Prince George, BC

"Healthy skin is something that may be taken for granted until it begins to fade and that is where Vanishings played an important role for me. I could not be more pleased with the results that I have had at Vanishings and the staff there has been friendly, understanding and truly caring. I will continue treatment at Vanishings and would encourage anyone with out hesitation to visit Vanishings for skin treatment, be it preventative or corrective."

39 year old female, Prince George, BC

"I couldn't believe the results and how much better I felt about my appearance!"

48 year old female, Prince George, BC

"The staff at Vanishings was very friendly, discreet and understanding".

48 year old male, Prince George, BC

"Words cannot express the politeness and pleasantness of all your staff members. That in itself is very important. Kudos (100 fold); to the doctor that injected me with Botox and Juvederm. I feel totally rejuvenated and 100% happy with the work done. I thank your for the treatment... and your treatment of me!"

Female, Prince George, BC

"I just love my new lips!!! The swelling is down and I have no pain. I truly appreciate the kindness, thoughtfulness and caring that has been displayed to me with each visit I make to your establishment. It is always such a boost to my self esteem. Who ever said that outside beauty can not bring inside beauty were truly mistaken!"

44 year old female, Prince George, BC
(Answer to a care call made the day after a Juvederm lip augmentation)

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