Skin Rejuvenation - Getting the HEALTHY SKIN you deserve!!!

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Because none of us have the skin we were born with...

UV exposure, medications, pollution, free radical damage, illness, what we ingest, genetics, hormones, stress, hereditary factors, time, inadequate skin care, improper use of cosmetics. They all can have an effect on the overall HEALTH of our skin.

Creating HEALTHY skin for yourself is like creating a HEALTHY lifestyle. If you can devote even a fraction of time to healthy skin practices, you can help avoid premature aging, scarring from acne, redness and overall “lack of luster” skin.

We devote time to eating healthy, buying the right food, taking vitamins or supplements, working out, going to yoga, dying our hair, doing our nails and yet we tend to ignore the largest organ of our bodies until there is a problem with it – our skin.

Based on our Founder's skin care philosophy, we offer consultations at no charge, because we understand the need to educate our clients on skin and how they can reverse or prevent problems. At Vanishings, we often use the analogy that Rome was not built in a day and nor did the Roman Empire fall in a day. Problematic skin doesn’t happen overnight and therefore cannot be fixed with one treatment or one miracle lotion as commonly "advertised".

Our founder Veronica is often asked what is the best thing she has done for her own skin. Her answer never waivers as she is a firm believer of this: Proper Skin Care... when you commit to a good skin care regimen (the earlier in life the better), it will make the biggest long term difference in your skin! At Vanishings, we cannot stress this enough.

Going for laser treatments, facials, etc... can be helpful to reverse certain ailments after numerous treatments but then what? How do you protect that investment? How can you help prevent NEEDING the in-office treatments in the first place?

We would never expect individuals to just KNOW what is best for them, for their concerns, for their skin type and that is what we are here for – to teach, to guide and to help you achieve the HEALTHY SKIN you deserve.

Just like a gym trainer consults you on your goals for a healthier body, we are here to consult you on your goals for healthier skin.

Consultations are always complimentary so call us today, 250-564-5255.

We look forward to meeting you!
Veronica, Founder
Vanishings Laser Esthetics Inc

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