Skin Rejuvenation - Smooth and Vibrant (NEW!)

Our new Smooth and Vibrant treatment utilizes 3 great technologies in one treatment – a DiamondTome™ exfoliation treatment, laser genesis and photo rejuvenation treatment. These 3 technologies together gives a smooth and vibrant result, targeting large pores, fine lines and sun damage resulting in a clearer, smoother complexion.

Why use diamonds instead of crystals?

Traditional microdermabrasion treatments use tiny crystals – rather than diamonds – to remove the outer layer of skin. While these treatments were undeniably effective, they also had their drawbacks. For one, the crystals were highly abrasive and created inflammation and heat on the skin. If patients already suffered from inflammation, for example due to rosacea or acne, this approach was not a good fit. In addition, the crystal based method resulted in a bit of downtime, which is not ideal for everyone.

Our newest microdermabrasion treatments use diamonds to abrade the skin instead. If you prefer the traditional method of microdermabrasion, please see our services here.

Diamonds are a better fit for some patients from the crystal-based method in a number of ways:

Enhanced results. Microdermabrasion with diamonds is gentle yet still delivers enhanced results, polishing the skin and clearing away dead cells.

Customizable. The coarseness of the diamonds can be adjusted to offer a gentle or more aggressive treatment, depending on your sensitivity and skin condition.

Gentle approach. Unlike microdermabrasion with crystals, the diamond tipped wand doesn’t cause heat or inflammation on the skin. Very little (if any) downtime

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