Skin Rejuvenation - Chemical Peels & Microdermabrasion

Chemical Peels are intended to help heal and reduce breakouts, control oil and soften lines and wrinkles to provide more even skin texture. A chemical peel will effectively smooth surface texture while brightening and inhibiting skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation). Treatments are customized based on skin type, underlying conditions and the client's desired results.

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation of the skin's surface. This rejuvenating treatment provides a fresh skin tone and more youthful, dewy appearance with no "down-time". It is effective in refining pore size, minimizing acne scarring and improving skin tone and texture.

Chemical Peels

A leading clinical skin care company in the development of professional chemical peels and advanced topicals for nearly 20 years, PCA SKIN was the first cosmeceutical company to provide scientifically researched daily care products and professional treatments to the medical and clinical aesthetics markets and is acknowledged in medical textbooks as the originator of advanced blended chemical peel formulations.

Vanishings' Skin Care Technicians have undergone the PCA Skin Biology & Chemical Peel seminar of skin biology, disease pathways and the benefits of using Modified Jessner’s, TCA, salicylic acid and retinol blends versus single-ingredient peels. They have also been certified in advanced treatment technologies, which focuses on the technologies behind today’s most common medical devices, as well as how to maximize positive patient outcome. This PCA Certification enables us to combine daily care products and chemical peels with microdermabrasion, IPL, laser and radio frequency.

How do I know which chemical peel treatment is right for me?

Your skin care professional will choose a peel designed for your skin type, and customize a treatment, addressing your personal skin care needs. Anyone can benefit from a chemical peel if you: are interested in preventing signs of aging and wrinkles, want to reduce existing fine lines and wrinkles, have discoloration's, age spots, dull or unhealthy looking skin, have acne, skin lesions, or other skin conditions, have weathered or sun damaged skin.

How much discomfort should be expected when having a peel?

The level of discomfort experienced depends on the treatment. Most PCA Professional™ chemical peels are gentle and create little or no burning or stinging sensation in the skin. A Vanishings’ Skin Care Technician will assess your skin to determine which is the best treatment option for your skin type and concerns.

Can I have a peel treatment if I am frequently in the sun?

If you are compliant with SPF protection everyday, you can enjoy the benefits of a PCA Chemical Peel Treatment.

What is the difference between a glycolic acid peel, and the PCA Chemical Peels?

Glycolic Acid Peels contain just one acid in the AHA family, whereas, PCA Chemical Peels come in a wide variety of options and utilize a blend of acids. Our TCA (Trichloroacetic) solutions are blends formulated with many ingredients including lactic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), plumping phytohormones and kojic and azelaic acids to produce dramatic results without the discomfort and downtime associated with traditional TCA peels. Our Jessner's Peels utulize a blend of lactic, citric and salicylic acids and resorcinol.

What can I expect afterwards?

Everyone’s reaction to a peel treatment will vary depending on the depth of the peel, variances in skin density and thickness of the stratum corneum (dead skin cell layer).You may experience a ‘flushed’ sensation that can last a few hours following a peel. Slight flaking or peeling of the skin can last up to four days, although you may not have visible flaking with every peel treatment, as the main function of these treatments are to cause cellular exfoliation and regeneration.

How many treatments will I require?

On average, we recommend a series of three to five treatments, spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart for optimum results.


Microdermabrasion is still one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments today. Like a mini sand blaster, microdermabrasion uses a combination of a fine stream of crystals and mild suction to yield a gentle abrasive action. The microdermabrasion method gently removes the upper layer of dead skin cells. Removal of these cells brings the healthy under layer of skin to surface, encouraging cell rejuvenation.

The process takes just under an hour and is entirely painless and non-invasive. Microdermabrasion can be used on its own or in combination with one of the many in-office peel treatments that Vanishings has to offer.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion:

  • reduction of age spots and pigmentation imbalances
  • minimizes fine age lines and wrinkles
  • renews your skin tone and texture for a more youthful appearance
  • reduces large pores
  • decreases appearance of scars from trauma, acne, chicken pox, etc
  • helps treat skin damage by long term exposure to the sun
  • prepares your skin to absorb our in-office treatment products


Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation that removes surface debris with a custom dermaplaning blade. Benefits include immediately diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, creation of a softer surface area by taking off the vellus hair (peach fuzz) and increased absorption of topical products making makeup application smoother. Plus, there is no downtime!

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