About Vanishings Laser Esthetics

For more than ten years now, we have demonstrated a passion for helping people look and feel their best across northern British Columbia and Alberta.

We are honest and realistic with our clients, and our goal is to be able answer your questions about ANY cosmetic procedures and help you make informed decisions about your cosmetic concerns. We strive to remain on the leading edge of technology and are continually advancing our knowledge about all areas of the profession.

Our Vision: To be a 'Model of Excellence' in the medical spa industry.

Our Mission:

  • Vanishings Laser Esthetics provides exceptional customer service to its clients.
  • Our highly skilled and passionate team of professionals are continually updated and educated with new products and services.
  • We strive to be the ‘leading edge’ and best known medical spa in Northern BC.
  • We provide awareness and education to the public on techniques made available by science and technology that can increase self esteem.
  • We create and maintain a culture built on trust, open communication, loyalty and honesty between our team of professionals and with our clients.
  • We foster an environment that encourages, supports and facilitates personal growth and success for our team of professionals.
  • We are a company and a team of professionals that positively impact peoples’ lives.

President's Message

In 2000, I travelled to Vancouver for my initial laser hair removal treatments. From my first visit, I imagined what a great benefit to my hometown community it would be to have these services available locally. In 2001, Vanishings Laser Esthetics was born in Prince George out of a dream and desire to become an entrepreneur. In 2003, I opened a second clinic in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Owning Vanishings has become more than an entrepreneur's dream come true; it has been a journey of tremendous growth and personal satisfaction. It is my vision that my business provides a rewarding service for its clients. Providing exceptional customer service and good value is of the utmost importance to me. My vision also includes a solid commitment to my team – to help them grow and build technical, interpersonal and leadership skills. I strive daily to provide an environment built on trust, open communication, loyalty and honesty. I offer team members the opportunity to advance, develop and reach goals of their own.

I value and am so thankful for our loyal clientele and my staff that provide our services. I remain committed to building a company that positively influences peoples' lives!

~ Veronica Espenhain, Vanishings Laser Esthetics President

About Veronica

In addition to being the founder of Vanishings Laser Esthetics, Veronica also carries a Certified Dental Assistant license which provided her with the stepping stone for training in the medical spa industry. Veronica graduated in 1992 with her CDA license, and worked as an assistant for Dr. Chris Rickards for over 10 years, eventually becoming his full-time Business Manager, for the past five years. While juggling an already busy dental career, Veronica started her personal goal of establishing her own laser hair removal clinic. With her hard work and creative vision, Vanishings Laser Esthetics quickly grew from a one room laser hair removal clinic to the Full Service Medical Spa & Vein Clinic it is today! Veronica has always had a passion for helping others to better themselves – and has found an outlet for this desire in creating a positive and rewarding team environment for her employees and clientele.

Veronica's strong desire to provide clients with the best possible treatment in a caring, professional atmosphere is apparent in the extensive training she provides to herself and her team. She believes that the first step in taking care of clients is to train her team members to the highest level available in their field. In addition to the technical training she provides; Veronica also devotes a great amount of time into providing advanced training in customer service. She realizes that without exceptional staff, you cannot provide exceptional customer service. Her motto, "lead by example" is promoted each and every day at Vanishings – she strives to provide her staff with opportunity to advance both personally and professionally.

Veronica loves to travel and most recently spent time in Africa volunteering at a lion breeding project, visiting children’s orphanages, and took part in gorilla trekking. Whether she is traveling for work or leisure, you won't find Veronica very far away from a book or her laptop – researching new technologies, treatment modalities, team leadership ideas and personal growth. Veronica has a love of the outdoors and animals. She enjoys her time at home with her pets, participating in outdoor activities or just being with her family and friends.


Giving back to the community we live in is an important part of what Vanishings, and our team, is all about. To learn about more community/fund-raising promotions for various charities and special charities and special announcements by viewing our Facebook page today.

We are very proud to support the following charities / events on a regular basis. Each year Vanishings, and our team, contributes to thousands of dollars raised to support our community in cash or in kind.

  • Cancer is the Pits: Annual fundraiser for Spirit of the North Healthcare Foudation
  • SPCA
  • Elizabeth Frye Society
  • Hospice House Prince George
  • plus: numerous other silent auction/fundraising events hosted locally.

Work With Us

Vanishings could be looking for you! Vanishings Laser Esthetics offers career development opportunities, positive team environments and a belief that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and given the encouragement to excel in their profession. We promise to do the little things to delight our guests and we promise to do everything we can to delight our team.

If you are career minded and want to work in a spa that supports its people and its community, contact us today.

For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact Vanishings today!